Not today…

This shirt is bringing me life on a Thursday! 

I’m wearing a medium because I like my tees oversized, with a knot in the center to show off my high waisted leather Spanx. Add converse and a black choker and BAM! Easy peasy, fun, & casual! I do wish I had high top Converse.

This line is available at Swank Boutique (Instagram: @swankgirl). They have some fun other graphic tees to browse, too.

I should add that I love that I don’t have to wear a bra with this shirt because we all know the only thing I hate more than wearing a bra is, well, Satan.

Not today, evil demon. Not today.


Ways to Wear a Joy 

… besides your glowing smile. ūüôā

We had a chat a couple of weeks ago about how fun I’ve found this Lularoe clothing line to be. My consultant, Megan (Search: Lularoe Megan Mikkelson on Facebook) convinced me to  try a Joy. I’m glad she did. At first glance, I thought hmm, how would I wear that?? Buuuuut, it’s been pretty easy (and fun) to style. Here are a few ideas!

1. Wear your Joy to work day 

This was a fun way to make a typical work ensemble a little more fun. As I’d like to say, a little extra, like salt bae extra. 

I paired the Joy with some polka dot Old Navy Pixie pants (the dots don’t show well – sorry), a J Crew short sleeved top, and some booties. Shazam!

2. Summer Casual

Kyle told me to “flex” and caught me en flex route (Quick! Duck for cover! This girl has guns ūüėā) This pairing would work with shorts, too! It was just too cold today. I paired the Joy with some basic Zara jeans and a Forever 21 tank tucked in.

3. Dress it up!

This is like the ultimate Lularoe outfit. I paired it with a knotted Carly and some sandals (from Target) for a fun and simple look.

I have a few more ideas, but I was beginning to think Kyle might axe murder me if I asked him to shoot some more outfits. So, that’s all for now. 

All you think about is influenza 

“I think about things differently now.” – Me

“All you think about is influenza.” – Kyle 

Yes. Absolutely. Correct. Valid.

I’m absolutely out of this world obsessive compulsive. Like actually diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, but it’s coo’. I wash my hands 2867+ times a day and if I see someone touch a door handle (or literally anything) without washing their hands I’m instantly revolted. Why? Idk. I’m crazy AF.

I have this irrational fear of getting some death virus (as I’m sitting here wheezing and coughing from my death cold). Clearly, living in a bubble doesn’t help my immune system. 

That photo holds no relevance to this post.

But really. As I sit here watching Tom scoop up candy and eat it from a candy shop on Vanderpump Rules, all I can think about is wow, someone’s going to get an adenovirus. I mean, is this normal? 

I can say one thing for sure, I got sick wayyyyy less when I was running than I have been lately (sans running). So maybe, exercise is the best medicine. That means I’m screwed for the next 2+ months. Back I go, to thinking about influenza. 


What a day yesterday was…

I was strutting around feeling really confident and aggressive over my lack of ‘fractured pelvis pain’, so much in fact, that I limited my fat and carb intake thinking, I got this. Six pack here I come.

So sassy that, I bought a new car. People who know me well know I’m suuuuper budget conscious and very slow to spend money on anything over $25 (unless it’s a Louis Vuitton bag). 2500? Sure, what a deal! (Kidding. Sort of.) 

I’ve dreamed about buying my white SUV for a very long time. My Mazda was great for two people, but certainly too small for three. 

Meyer did a pretty good job. She spent the majority of the time running around the showroom screaming “POOPING” because her stomach hurt and collecting rocks from outside, but that’s a moot point (PS – did I use that phrase correctly? Per Google I did. But I’m skeptical).

Luckily, negotiations were literally the easiest thing ever because they needed to move the car off the lot. When we were done, Meyer was done – she’d had enough. Guess my aggressive energy rubs off on her, too. Sassy.

My new BMW X1 ūü§ó

Meysie must have wanted the X5. Sorry babe, your daycare is too expensive and dad and I aren’t big enough ballers yet. 

Oh, and I only had a tiny amount of carbs yesterday.

The Curse of The Shamrock

I work at an incredible institution on the tippy top of a popular running route. In fact, it is so popular that they have a massive run through the area every spring. It’s a dreamy race, and one that I’ve registered for twice, with no luck. More on that in a moment.

Well, the run is right around the corner, and you know what that means. Yep, tons of people running up and down the hill that I drive to and from work on the daily. “Be careful! Don’t break your pelvis!” I yell as they run by (they can’t hear my, it’s winter so my windows are up). A constant reminder of what I cannot (but love to) do. 

I’ve started getting my coffee on the way to work, in hopes of being in a better mental state while driving by the training runners. I figure I’m less likely to weep or caution them regarding broken hips.

I’ve come to the conclusion that registering for this run is a curse for me. Why, you ask? (You probably didn’t, nor do you care, but whatever, you’re still reading). Well, the first time I registered for this half marathon, I found out two weeks later that I was *SURPRISE* pregnant. “I’ll get it next time I said” as I wept at Instagram posts from runners and ate a donut on race morning. Guess who’s not getting it ‘next time’? Yep, this chick. I was training, getting quick, feeling good, and then, yep, *SURPRISE* you broke your pelvis. COOL. No Shamrock Run AGAIN! See? Curse!

Not next time, Shamrock, not next time.

Princess Problems

When I first injured myself from running, I spiraled down, down, down into a low spot. At first, I couldn’t even talk about it without crying (I know right, drama!) I would sit on the couch, eating pretzels (carbs are life), watching ‘This is Us’, sobbing, “Mandy Moore can walk around and dance with her kids, I’ll never be like Mandy Moore. I bet she doesn’t have pain when she walks” (again, drama). RIDICULOUS, right! 

My dear friend Brittany has sort of been my cheerleader through this, always encouraging me, telling me it will be better, saying things like “let’s do this instead until you’re better.” My PT has been the same way. I’m learning that focusing on the things that may not feel great now, will in fact benefit me immensely in the long run and make me faster, stronger, happier, less injury prone, etc. (salt bae) in the near future.

So what can you do with a fractured inferior pubic ramus? (I really should say pelvis, that bone has an icky name, but I’m feeling dramatic this morning)

The answer is, lots of things! Arms, planks, core, shoulders, glutes, oh my! It’s actually been fun to see the results of my PT exercises, and encouraged me to find happiness in other exercises aside from running. I have big goals, guys. I find myself scrolling Instagram fitness pages (Katy Hearn is bae) saying “I want to look like that! I want to be that strong!” And guess what, we all can! And being that strong will make me that much of a better runner! So win, win!

Tbt. I’ll be here again, soon. Positivity.

I’ve decided to start calling this my ‘princess problem’. Princess problem acknowledges the fact that I’m dramatic and ridiculous, but it’s still a valid injury. 

As Mopey Mary as I was at the start of this journey, I’m slowly finding the silver lining in all of this. New goals, new challenges, new ways to find happiness. I’ve learned my problem, isn’t really a problem. Things can always be worse.  Don’t limit yourself, folks. Otherwise, you’ll end up like me, sitting on the couch, eating pretzels, and crying over Mandy Moore’s amazing ability to walk.

“Are you wearing an oversized tie dye shirt?”

“Yes, yes I am.” That was my favorite question from today’s outfit. 

These are two Lularoe pieces – a ‘Carly’ and wait for it…. a ‘Sarah’. Funny, because most who know me know I did a complete 180 when it came to this line.. Lula-no somehow turned me into a must. watch. all. the. live. sales. zombie. But I digress, it’s comfy and unique so what the eff ever.

An XS solid ‘Sarah’ layered over an XS tie dye ‘Carly’ by Lularoe

The fun thing about this line is there’s a limited number of pieces made in each print, so what you’re wearing is usually ‘one of a kind’, well honestly, more like ‘one of 2,500’ but you catch my drift. 

 I think part of what’s so addicting is you’re always trying to get the latest or best print, and you will suddenly find yourself joining 10+ Facebook groups constantly stalking their album sales and Facebook live feeds. Oh well, it keeps me young.

I fractured my what?!

On January 10th I decided it was super important that I go for a quick 3.5 mile run before the forecasted snowpocalypse (v. 3.0 at that point I think? We don’t get snow much in Portland, don’t judge the panic.) So, off I went, in my fianc√©e’s (I hate that word btw) Subaru just incase it started during my ever so grueling 30 minute work out (catch the sarcasm?).

La, la, la, run was great, pace was meh, 8:40/mile, but better than not getting a run in for *gasp* potentially another few days. Ironic, because little did I know at the time, this run would set me back months. 

Following the run during my cool down, I felt a slightly uncomfortable twinge of pain in my adductors, but I didn’t think much about it. By the time I got out of the car following the 5 minute drive I felt the most horrible pain radiating across my entire hip and leg area. I was terrified, unable to walk, I limped into my house, took 4 ibuprofen and iced away. Little did I know, I had just fractured my inferior pubic ramus (what the h is that, right?!) More on that in a moment.

The pain didn’t get much better and I scheduled a PT appointment thinking it was a simple adductor strain. In summary, here’s my timeline below and everything I’ve tried to “fix it”. I’ll definitely continue to post more about this in future posts.

Week 1 – rest, pain level – 8

Week 2 – visit PT, pain level – 7

Week 3 – visit PT & PCP, pain level – 6

Week 4 – visit PT, pain level – 4

Week 5 – visit PT, had an X-ray (no fractures shown), visit a chiropractor, pain level – 3/4

Week 6 – visit PT, visit an acupuncturist, visit a chiropractor, visit an orthopedic surgeon who ordered an MRI, obtained the MRI and voila, there it is, clear as day, a fractured inferior pubic ramus (what is this embarrassingly graphic sounding bone anyway?), pain level – 3

Week 7 – current. Visit PT, adjust exercises, visit chiropractor, pain level – 3

So what is this bone, anyway?! Turns out the inferior pubic ramus is a bone in your pelvis, located sort of inbetween where you sit and your bladder is. I’ve been researching this injury like a legit insane person ever since I received my diagnoses. This injury is extremely uncommon and I am apparently lucky that I received the correct diagnosis. Due to the extreme lack of solid information out there, I thought it may be helpful to blog about my experience with this injury, my timeline, etc. (insert salt bae emoji for my use of ‘etc.’) 

What does it feel like? Sometimes the pain is just a slight dull ache, other times it’s so intense I get goosebumps and feel like I could drop to the floor. Some days are better than others.. I’m optimistic that the bone will heal soon and the muscles will follow suit.

Maybe this is more of an outlet for me than anything, but whatever. If it helps someone going through the same thing that’s super cool. 

Why am I here, though?

Or like I like to say “why tho”

Hi angels! 
This is me, Sarah. I live in Portland, Oregon and love all things fashion and outdoors. I am an obsessive, avid runner. I have the most beautiful human in my life, Meyer Mackenzie. She turns 18 months old today!

A “Meyer Moment”

My purpose for this forum is to have a place to spew, share, inform, and help others who may be going through similar life scenarios – juggling a toddler, full time plus job, and taking care of yourself…and home, there’s that, too. Clean? What? Who has time for that. Anyway. Thanks for reading along!