I fractured my what?!

On January 10th I decided it was super important that I go for a quick 3.5 mile run before the forecasted snowpocalypse (v. 3.0 at that point I think? We don’t get snow much in Portland, don’t judge the panic.) So, off I went, in my fiancée’s (I hate that word btw) Subaru just incase it started during my ever so grueling 30 minute work out (catch the sarcasm?).

La, la, la, run was great, pace was meh, 8:40/mile, but better than not getting a run in for *gasp* potentially another few days. Ironic, because little did I know at the time, this run would set me back months. 

Following the run during my cool down, I felt a slightly uncomfortable twinge of pain in my adductors, but I didn’t think much about it. By the time I got out of the car following the 5 minute drive I felt the most horrible pain radiating across my entire hip and leg area. I was terrified, unable to walk, I limped into my house, took 4 ibuprofen and iced away. Little did I know, I had just fractured my inferior pubic ramus (what the h is that, right?!) More on that in a moment.

The pain didn’t get much better and I scheduled a PT appointment thinking it was a simple adductor strain. In summary, here’s my timeline below and everything I’ve tried to “fix it”. I’ll definitely continue to post more about this in future posts.

Week 1 – rest, pain level – 8

Week 2 – visit PT, pain level – 7

Week 3 – visit PT & PCP, pain level – 6

Week 4 – visit PT, pain level – 4

Week 5 – visit PT, had an X-ray (no fractures shown), visit a chiropractor, pain level – 3/4

Week 6 – visit PT, visit an acupuncturist, visit a chiropractor, visit an orthopedic surgeon who ordered an MRI, obtained the MRI and voila, there it is, clear as day, a fractured inferior pubic ramus (what is this embarrassingly graphic sounding bone anyway?), pain level – 3

Week 7 – current. Visit PT, adjust exercises, visit chiropractor, pain level – 3

So what is this bone, anyway?! Turns out the inferior pubic ramus is a bone in your pelvis, located sort of inbetween where you sit and your bladder is. I’ve been researching this injury like a legit insane person ever since I received my diagnoses. This injury is extremely uncommon and I am apparently lucky that I received the correct diagnosis. Due to the extreme lack of solid information out there, I thought it may be helpful to blog about my experience with this injury, my timeline, etc. (insert salt bae emoji for my use of ‘etc.’) 

What does it feel like? Sometimes the pain is just a slight dull ache, other times it’s so intense I get goosebumps and feel like I could drop to the floor. Some days are better than others.. I’m optimistic that the bone will heal soon and the muscles will follow suit.

Maybe this is more of an outlet for me than anything, but whatever. If it helps someone going through the same thing that’s super cool. 


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