“Are you wearing an oversized tie dye shirt?”

“Yes, yes I am.” That was my favorite question from today’s outfit. 

These are two Lularoe pieces – a ‘Carly’ and wait for it…. a ‘Sarah’. Funny, because most who know me know I did a complete 180 when it came to this line.. Lula-no somehow turned me into a must. watch. all. the. live. sales. zombie. But I digress, it’s comfy and unique so what the eff ever.

An XS solid ‘Sarah’ layered over an XS tie dye ‘Carly’ by Lularoe

The fun thing about this line is there’s a limited number of pieces made in each print, so what you’re wearing is usually ‘one of a kind’, well honestly, more like ‘one of 2,500’ but you catch my drift. 

 I think part of what’s so addicting is you’re always trying to get the latest or best print, and you will suddenly find yourself joining 10+ Facebook groups constantly stalking their album sales and Facebook live feeds. Oh well, it keeps me young.


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