Princess Problems

When I first injured myself from running, I spiraled down, down, down into a low spot. At first, I couldn’t even talk about it without crying (I know right, drama!) I would sit on the couch, eating pretzels (carbs are life), watching ‘This is Us’, sobbing, “Mandy Moore can walk around and dance with her kids, I’ll never be like Mandy Moore. I bet she doesn’t have pain when she walks” (again, drama). RIDICULOUS, right! 

My dear friend Brittany has sort of been my cheerleader through this, always encouraging me, telling me it will be better, saying things like “let’s do this instead until you’re better.” My PT has been the same way. I’m learning that focusing on the things that may not feel great now, will in fact benefit me immensely in the long run and make me faster, stronger, happier, less injury prone, etc. (salt bae) in the near future.

So what can you do with a fractured inferior pubic ramus? (I really should say pelvis, that bone has an icky name, but I’m feeling dramatic this morning)

The answer is, lots of things! Arms, planks, core, shoulders, glutes, oh my! It’s actually been fun to see the results of my PT exercises, and encouraged me to find happiness in other exercises aside from running. I have big goals, guys. I find myself scrolling Instagram fitness pages (Katy Hearn is bae) saying “I want to look like that! I want to be that strong!” And guess what, we all can! And being that strong will make me that much of a better runner! So win, win!

Tbt. I’ll be here again, soon. Positivity.

I’ve decided to start calling this my ‘princess problem’. Princess problem acknowledges the fact that I’m dramatic and ridiculous, but it’s still a valid injury. 

As Mopey Mary as I was at the start of this journey, I’m slowly finding the silver lining in all of this. New goals, new challenges, new ways to find happiness. I’ve learned my problem, isn’t really a problem. Things can always be worse.  Don’t limit yourself, folks. Otherwise, you’ll end up like me, sitting on the couch, eating pretzels, and crying over Mandy Moore’s amazing ability to walk.


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