What a day yesterday was…

I was strutting around feeling really confident and aggressive over my lack of ‘fractured pelvis pain’, so much in fact, that I limited my fat and carb intake thinking, I got this. Six pack here I come.

So sassy that, I bought a new car. People who know me well know I’m suuuuper budget conscious and very slow to spend money on anything over $25 (unless it’s a Louis Vuitton bag). 2500? Sure, what a deal! (Kidding. Sort of.) 

I’ve dreamed about buying my white SUV for a very long time. My Mazda was great for two people, but certainly too small for three. 

Meyer did a pretty good job. She spent the majority of the time running around the showroom screaming “POOPING” because her stomach hurt and collecting rocks from outside, but that’s a moot point (PS – did I use that phrase correctly? Per Google I did. But I’m skeptical).

Luckily, negotiations were literally the easiest thing ever because they needed to move the car off the lot. When we were done, Meyer was done – she’d had enough. Guess my aggressive energy rubs off on her, too. Sassy.

My new BMW X1 🤗

Meysie must have wanted the X5. Sorry babe, your daycare is too expensive and dad and I aren’t big enough ballers yet. 

Oh, and I only had a tiny amount of carbs yesterday.


One thought on “Sassy

  1. Hey girl,
    Congrats! I think you’ll just love driving this car.
    I hate working lol so driving my New X6 to and from work makes it barible lol

    Congratulations 🚗


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