Ways to Wear a Joy 

… besides your glowing smile. 🙂

We had a chat a couple of weeks ago about how fun I’ve found this Lularoe clothing line to be. My consultant, Megan (Search: Lularoe Megan Mikkelson on Facebook) convinced me to  try a Joy. I’m glad she did. At first glance, I thought hmm, how would I wear that?? Buuuuut, it’s been pretty easy (and fun) to style. Here are a few ideas!

1. Wear your Joy to work day 

This was a fun way to make a typical work ensemble a little more fun. As I’d like to say, a little extra, like salt bae extra. 

I paired the Joy with some polka dot Old Navy Pixie pants (the dots don’t show well – sorry), a J Crew short sleeved top, and some booties. Shazam!

2. Summer Casual

Kyle told me to “flex” and caught me en flex route (Quick! Duck for cover! This girl has guns 😂) This pairing would work with shorts, too! It was just too cold today. I paired the Joy with some basic Zara jeans and a Forever 21 tank tucked in.

3. Dress it up!

This is like the ultimate Lularoe outfit. I paired it with a knotted Carly and some sandals (from Target) for a fun and simple look.

I have a few more ideas, but I was beginning to think Kyle might axe murder me if I asked him to shoot some more outfits. So, that’s all for now. 


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